NoBu Partners B.V.
The advisory partner in the European Pension & Insurance arena

We do our best for our clients 

Through investment opportunities, capital management solutions, insurance M&A advisory and reinsurance solutions help our clients to manage their financial position in an efficient way.

 Placement services:
NoBu Partners is active in introducing sell side companies to buy side companies. Our activities are based on a proper understanding of our client’s financial and regulatory situation. The capital management knowledge combined with successful execution experience make NoBu Partners a unique partner adding economic value.


Mergers & Acquisitions: 
NoBu Partners is having a strong network and experience in the transfer of closed insurance books, mergers and acquisitions. We have a creative mind and like to present creative solutions. We combine reinsurance capital markets knowledge with quantitative analytics. The team is focused on success with the goal to deliver as promised with a special attention to proper execution.

Corporate Finance:
We help strengthen balance sheets and review the strategic way forward of an insurance company. Contingent capital, Value In Force (VIF) financing in several formats and several other formats of corporate financing are examples of financing possibilities NoBu Partners is active in.

NoBu Partners is providing contingent capital, financing and reinsurance solutions that deliver capital reduction for Solvency II regulated insurance companies


Our services focuse on the activities to relieve the client's capacity in order to put their attention to their core business.